Energetski servis d.o.o. was established in 1991 and has since been involved with Chimney Sweeping. In the year 2014 we expanded our range of services so they encompass everything related to heating systems, cleaning structures and other services, which we offer to our valued customers. Our biggest asset are our Employees whose rich experiences and knowledge help provide our customers with the best possible service.

History of the Chimney Sweeping Service:

The Chimney sweeping profession can be traced back to medieval cities as more and more heating systems were being developed, it also did not help that many of the buildings were built from wood and if they caught fire it could have meant a disaster for the whole city. One of the leading causes for fires are linked to improperly build, baldy maintained and badly cleaned heating and ventilation systems. The authorities saw this problem and declared that these things have to be cleaned and maintained by professionals hence the legislation come to be.

Through the years the fire safety regulations became more and more strict and demanded more maintenance and cleaning of heating systems. At this point the Chimney Sweeper became a profession.

But as everyday people were still mainly taking care of their systems that resulted in still too many fires and intoxications as they were being sloppy and lacked the proper knowledge. The authorities saw that cleaning and maintenance cannot be left to be handled by the consumer. In the year 1774 Maria Teresa established the Chimney sweeping guild which resulted in the profession gaining recognition on a professional and organizational level.

Through the years our regions had different legislations: Fire safety for the land of Styria (1792) and Carniola (1795), Austrian craft guild (1883), Craft law (1931). The latter resulted that in 1932 they published the Rules of performing chimney sweeping craft which already included an official price list for the services so they were applied all over the land. Later more laws, rules, etc came into fruition.

With the industry fast evolving since the mid-19th century, the chimney sweeping profession demanded more and more professional knowledge and vocational schools started training and teaching people so the craft became even more recognized.

Chimney Sweeping today:

With advancements in technology the necessity and responsibilities of the chimney sweeping profession increased.

The chimney sweeping profession today is very specific. Constant knowledge updating and following new trends in heating techniques is necessary. The risk for danger is also getting higher and the reasons for that are:

  • - Field work and exposure to weather conditions.
  • - Fast changing work environments.
  • - Work in places with a lot of dust particles and tar coating, which contain chemical compounds dangerous for peoples health.
  • - Work at high altitudes with danger of falling.
  • - Danger of intoxication with poisonous gasses.

The basic activities of today’s chimney sweepers are much broader than just cleaning.

The main tasks of chimney sweeping can be defined as:

  • - Enforcing fire safety.
  • - Protecting human health and life (prevention of intoxication with dangerous gasses).
  • - Energy efficiency of heating systems (counseling about heating systems and rational fuel consumption).
  • - Protection of the environment (prevention from air pollution)